How to extend the life of your cotton tshirts: Cotton care 101

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How to extend the life of your cotton tshirts: Cotton care 101

Your wardrobe is undoubtedly packed with cotton t-shirts that you want to endure forever, from that vintage tee you picked up at the finest concert you’ve ever attended to those everyday essentials that are fixtures in your closet. Cotton shirts are comfy and fashionable, but a single stain or rip may send them straight to the garbage. What a squandering of resources! If you wash and dry it incorrectly the first time, it may shrink before you ever get a chance to wear it.

Life happens, and it is not always feasible to preserve our clothes from unintentional damage or simply wear out due to frequent use. On the other hand, the recommendations given below can assist you in making your cotton tees last as long as feasible.

Use caution when washing tees

Cotton t-shirts suffer significantly from the laundering cycle. Fabric degrades fast as a result of frequent washing and drying. While we don’t advocate cleaning your tees, you can get away with wearing them a couple of times before washing them. There’s no need to wash a garment if you only wore it for a few hours and didn’t sweat or spill anything on it.

Throw your favourite shirt in the dryer for a few minutes on the “no heat” or “fluff” setting to freshen it between washes. Toss in a dryer sheet for a blast of fresh fragrance without the hassle of thoroughly washing relatively clean clothing.

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Sort your laundry at all times

Sorting laundry takes only a few minutes, yet it’s a process that many of us skip. Isn’t it simple to combine everything in a single load? Incorrect. When you put your clothing in the washing machine, they continuously move about while they get cleaned. If you wash your cotton shirts and jeans in the same batch, a zipper may become snagged and create a hole in your beloved shirt.

Make a point of sorting your clothes by colour as well. If you wear white undershirts, only wash them with other whites. Pastels and patterns are appropriate for your colourful clothing. Even if you wash items that have been washed several times, they might still leach colour onto your whites, making them seem dull and dirty.

Cotton clothes should not be mixed with products made of synthetic materials. Natural fabrics wash differently than synthetic fibres, so keep them separate to avoid damage.

It takes a little more effort to properly care for your cotton t-shirts than simply tossing them in the washing and dryer and forgetting about them, but it will help you keep your faves out of the trash can for a longer time.